• Wael – thanks for everything you have done to get my car back on the road – I understand that you wish to build a reputation for service and quality and from the moment I first spoke to you I feel that that is what I have received. I feel that you have treated my car as is it were your own and seemed genuinely more upset than I did with what happened! Thanks to you and your team… I believe you did a great job and basically saved me from potentially having to scrap my car.

    Alan Jenkins
  • I have had 3 of my vehicles serviced and repaired at Eurohaus - BMW, BM & Range Rover. Fantastic service both in customer service and quality repairs. Had a quote from the dealerships estimating well into the thousands. I am most grateful for Eurohaus looking after me and my card at a more than a reasonable price. Thank you Wael you are truly a hidden gem.

    Trent McDonoald
  • Had my Range Rover Evoque serviced by the team and am extremely happy with it all. Customer service and pricing is five stars. Well done. See you again on the next one!

    George Diava
  • I highly recommend Eurohaus. They are the best in the business. They are very knowledgeable and you won't find better customer service anywhere else.

    Amal Awaad
  • If you want honest, reliable service to your car or cars these are the guys to go to.

    Sorin Patrulescu
  • I've had my Ferrari and Lambo serviced and looked after by Wael and the team. The best quality and warm service in town. These guys will love your car as much as you do.

    Paul Colagiuri
  • Eurohaus has never let me down! Best service! Would recommend to everyone wanting a genuine honest down to earth service!

    Jack Dansez
  • Always brilliant service from the honest and friendly team!

    Allan Hanna